Dieter Maurer wrote:
Vangelis Mihalopoulos wrote at 2005-10-19 12:22 +0300:
I am thinking of using a Z Database Connection (mysql) from within an 
external method, without using Z SQL Methods, but can't figure out how i 
can "safely" do it

Calling a "DA" object gives you a low level connection object (a
"db" object). It has a "query" method. Calling it provides
"safe" SQL execution.
Thanks, this is what i had in mind.
>From other posts, I understood that you want to do special things.
Yes, this is true.
In such cases, reading the source is necessary
Yes, i know. But this would take me much more time than sending an email to the Zope list and getting quick help from experienced Zopistas, time that i unfortunately cannot afford. Of course, reviewing product code on other cases wasn't such a big overhead and i got my task done.
 -- and being prepared
that things may change between releases...
Of course...  :-) 
I follow the recommendation of others to use ZSQL methods...
I am loading the zodb in read-only mode. If someone breaks into Zope (which btw i believe to be very secure) i don't want him to be able to directly access (read/write) the database i am using. *AFAIK*, ZSQLMethods won't do for this.

Thanks for your comments, helpful as always!

 - Vangelis

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