Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
I think we need Zope to use some frankendatetime (a datetime.datetime
that also supports the old DateTime API) throughout the deprecation
period. Whenever people make a call to the old DateTime API on a
frankendatetime object, they'll get a deprecation warning telling them
to use the datetime.datetime API instead. After the deprecation phase is
over, Zope 2 can return pure datetime.datetime objects.

I don't see any need for diabolical creations ;-) Just the deprecation warnings will suffice. (...which will promptly be added to warn filters, and only fixed when DateTime really goes away *sigh*)

By the way, this is really not a thread for but for
[EMAIL PROTECTED] From the beginning, actually. I suggest we move all
further discussion there.

Yup, but how do we make sure the good folks at zope3-dev get involved and know what we're up to?



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