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> Here are my ideas to make Zope 3 the most successful framework ever:

And although all good ideas, most won't help. Why?

Because they are (mostly) about improving the product one way or
another. And to be quite honest, Zope 3 is hone heck of a product,
that is already improved beyond most framework users wet dreams.

We don't need improvements, we need hype. Zope Corp/Zope Foundation
needs to get somebody to make a website that works, is easily
navigatable and, most important of all: Hypes the heck out of Zope 3.

Where is the flash intro? Hmm? Right, I can hear you all go
"uuuuurgh", but the fact is that it works. A good flash demo telling
people why Zope 3 is the best thing ever is without any doubt from my
part, the most significant piece missing to make Zope 3 a success.

And, I suck at flash, so I aint doing it! (Unless I get payed silly :-D ).

>     * Make installing Zope a double-click or one-command-only experience and

Well, it pretty much is...

>     * offer a 30 minutes tutorial of programming an useful application
>       including an audiovisual show for an appetizer that offers a feeling
>       of success.

This is a good one. More effort than the Flash intro/demo, and not
very useful without it (because people won't download it).

> Bribe the managers:
>     * Include Microsoft SQL-Server and Oracle relational database access.

Product improvement. Managers of this  type have a budget, and by
projects, not database access. The access is included in the budget
for the project, and hence, not a problem.

>     * Include powerful XML processing facilities and

See above.

>     * include everything necessary and useful to build or use web services.

See above.

> Enable the beginners:
>     * Easy to read and understand ‹ but still complete and current ‹
>       documentation is a must.

I think Zope 3 is pretty good at this point. A quick tutorial is
missing, but you covered that in your first point.

>     * Avoid cluttering everything about Zope across articles, blogs, chats,
>       mailing lists and wikis. Keep everything available and searchable at
>       one central location.

Good idea. But we tried that and that didn't work. Time to try again?
Maybe we can merge some stuff into separate servers but using the same
main domain? So that say, zopewiki is also available at wiki.zope.org?

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