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> On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Lennart Regebro wrote:
>> On 1/6/06, Asad Habib <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Well, the class is simply a construct that Java uses to define an
>>> object.
>>> Also, the concept of object is well defined in Java which makes it
>>> easier
>>> for the programmer to know what can and cannot be done. In Python, it is
>>> not as explicit. Java is a programming language and hence cannot be
>>> compared directly to a scripting language such as Python or PHP. These 2
>>> types are designed for different purposes.
>> The difference between scripting languages and programming languages
>> are an illusion. :)

> Actually, that's not true. Languages such as Perl and Python were
> designed to write scripts, not to code entire applications.

What is the core difference between a script and an "entire application"?

BTW Java (which was named Oak by that time) was designed for embedded
systems, where it proved to be a complete failure. And C was designed as
a 'system' language, but is still used for application programming.

> Python is an
> exception because it can be successfully used to code large
> applications,

If it can be used to program, then it's a programming language. And if
it can be used to write large applications, then I don't see your point
at all.

> unlike some other scripting languages. So it's best to
> call Python a "scripting programming language" because it has this dual
> nature.

Just call it a programming language. That will be simpler. Now it's true
that Python can *also* be used for scripting - while Java cannot.

> All said and done, I prefer to use Java over Python for large
> applications

This is perfectly legitimate, but doesn't mean one language is
better/more OO/anything than the other

> simply because it's cleaner

Depends on the definition of "cleaner". I personnaly find Python much
more cleaner than Java.

> and has mechanisms in place
> that support reusability of components and extensibility.

So does Python. But you can't know, because you don't know Python (or
you would not post as much non-sense).

> Also, OO
> concepts such as abstraction

'abstraction' is not an OO concept. It's a concept, but not specific to OO.

> and inheritance are well defined in Java.

In Python too.

> Also, both compiled and interpreted languages have their advantages
> and disadvantages.

Probably, but this is irrelevant here since Python is byte-compiled just
like Java.

bruno desthuilliers
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