Peter Bengtsson wrote:
On 1/30/06, Andreas Jung wrote:
--On 30. Januar 2006 17:39:11 +0000 Peter Bengtsson wrote:
It's not a strange product. It's quite simple in fact.
Not being able to refresh without restarting means that I can't use
Zope 2.9 for python product development.
Why is refresh a requirement for doing Zope development? I am doing Zope
development since five or six years and I have never done any development
using there must be something very special with your
development approach?!

Sorry. It's not a _requirement_. But without it I loose productivity.
(see my previous email on this topic with the human benchmark,
ValueErrors and lost SESSIONS).

I too have several years of zope programming beyond the ZMI and have
developed many products and refreshing is the only way I know to
quickly test changes.
Having to wait a few seconds for each test is not an option.

How do you solve this problem without refreshing? Or are you ready to
wait for the zope restart and avoid it by writing more unit tests?

Yes most people who are serious about their developments use unit tests and functional tests and non-regression tests. They start by coding tests and doctests about code they've not yet written.

In most cases when I develop, I don't go to the ZMI until quite late in the process. Going to the ZMI is not productive.

That's why I, like others in this thread, don't care about refresh.


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