I want to retrieve the form fields in the order that they where submitted in 
the http POST. I know this has been brought up before, and that the answer is 
"You cant."


For zope to refuse to expose this information to me is really quite arrogant 
and un-unix like behavior. After all unix lets you do "rm -rf /"...

Now in addition to that, it happens that I have almost a hundred forms 
scattered around maybe 50 sites that all used to use the formmail.pl script, 
that now use our own zope based workalike.

That is, it can not "work-alike" because zope discards the information I need 
to make it so!

To painstakingly alter them all to add this sequence ordering information, 
just because zope refuses to do as every other scripting system out there 
that I am aware of, is just out of the queston.

My best Idea so far, is to use the apache proxying we use anyway, to run all 
requests to this url through a small perl or php proxy, that ads the ordering 
info to the POST.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

Get hold of the original http data somehow and parse them myself?
Patch zope to use a dictionary type that keeps order for req.post?
Patch zope to save the ordering as a property in req.post?


Gaute Amundsen

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