You're really not going to win any friends, or get any help, with this
Sometimes it's the only way to get past the arrogant belligerent list subscribers who choose to make miserable the lives of those of us who ask questions they consider stupid :) And it worked, didn't it?
Your question is a very basic. If you don't understand what the
documentation is trying to describe you might want to read some
intro-level mail-related documentation.
The question appears simple. Maybe it is. Maybe, however, it only appears to be simple. I've been working in Zope for years, and have done a lot in email, actually.
Additionally, when debugging it's always good to look at the
appropriate logs and provide the relevant entries from those as well as
error messages you received, as part of your question. A bounced
message will, generally, tell you why - which can be enlightening. The
mail logs on your system will provide other hints as to what's going
wrong. Obviously there's an assumption that you have tried to resolve
your problem based on the log/error information you've gotten.
Of course. And I did that. Here's what I found:

server167# grep "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" /usr/local/zope/instance2/log/Z2.log

Error Log (in Zope TTW interface)

Thank you for responding. Here is my question once again:

On this page (of a Zope product):
there is the instruction to send an email to this address:
What exactly does that mean? Can someone give me an example? The list is called "rejoice", the Web site in question is called "rejoice.2012.vi" and I tried this address: "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". It didn't work. So I tried this address: "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". On that one, I didn't get a bounce but I didn't show up in the Properties::maillist, either, nor did I receive a welcome message :( Frankly, I find the tokens "yourMailHost" and "yourDomain" terribly unclear.


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