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I know it has been asked many times which os is best for zope, I have
yet to see a 'system administration perspective' in the discussion. By
this I mean which os seems to have the most worry free administration
of a zope instances. I have installed zope on both FreeBSD and various
linucies and here is what I have observed:

2) I've run zope on Red Hat and Suse linux. In both cases I found that
I needed to install a different version of python than the one
packaged with the distro becuase Zope had specific dependencies for
new versions python. Applying patches to zope is manual. It has always been very
inconvenient to build python and PIL in a separate run instances for
zope. This seems like a major pain in the ...

I am currently using CentOS 4.3 and it works well for me (RH equivalent), but yes you will probably have to install another version of python, but once you have done it a few times its not that bad! (I am running PIL and a bunch of other non-standard - ie, perl/C++/etc - packages in conjunction with my zope applications, without problems). "yum" is great for rpm managment.

btw, i am running both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of CentOS (different boxes of course!) and have had no problems with zope/zeo/PIL/et al at all (i am running zope 2.9.2 and zope 3.2 in both environments with no problems).


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