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Max M wrote:
> Jonathan skrev:
>>> Well the problem is that Zope 2 was never easy for beginners either.
>>> And by now it is starting to get phased out for Zope 3.
>> This is the first I have heard about Zope 2 being phased out...
> Well .. get used to it then ;-)
> Z2 will keep on being maintained until it is replaced by Z3. The goal of
> the zope developers is not about keeping Z2 and Z3 running for as long
> as possible. Only for as long as necessary.
> Z2 is still being maintained, and will be for a long time. But the
> development is all moving in the direction of Z3.
> Read the changelog of the latest Z2 releases. They are practially only
> about bugfixes and Z3 integration. Core Zope 2 development has
> practically grinded to a halt. New developments are taking place in Zope 3.
> How is that not an outphasing?

I would actually bet on Jim's "door #3" (Zope2 reabsorbing Zope3) as a
more likely outcome.  Five years later, the number of production
installations of Zope3 compared to Zope2 is statistically insignificant;
 the use of Zope3 technology within Zope2, however, is growing by leaps
and bounds.

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