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Andrew Milton wrote:
> +-------[ michael nt milne ]----------------------
> | "yeah, I can see how this kind of attitude draws lots and lots of new
> | followers to zope."

Oh, he's still alive, how unfortunate...

Thanks, Andrew, for helping him avoid my procmail rule :-(

> | whole attitude here is one of sneering and schoolboy name calling.
> You need to trust that those you can identify as senior members of the
> community, are telling the rest of you that this guy is full of crap.

Sadly, Michael is coming from the "full of crap" position himself...
then again, I thought it took one to know one... apparently not ;-)

> The single thing that should have alerted you that something was up.
> *** Chris Withers and I agreed on something d8)

Yeah, this is somewhat of a system invariant ;-)

> Imagine for a moment this guy came to you for a job, claiming 25+ years of
> dev experience, and 2+ years of Zope experience.

Michael wouldn't know a Zope developer if one bit him on the nose...

> The people slagging this guys are pissed. Because the guy has done NO
> research, and no reading whatsover, and then claims Zope needs to be
> rewritten (of course, it IS already being rewritten, which shows how much research he
> did, but, not for any of the reasons he listed [because they are crap]).

My point exactly...

Interestingly, I offer Nancy Donnelly as a counter point here. She's
similarly new here, but is trying hard to learn and understand, and is
taking a "hey, these guys can help me" attitude. Sure enough, she's
getting plenty of help...

It's not all newbies who get into trouble here, just those who ask for it...


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