dear Andreas

make my question short.
I have a string object 'name' and it is a name of an exsiting folder
is there a method that uses 'name'(a str object) as an argument to call upon 
this folder? 

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> This is a problem a got a lot and I never able to seem to solve it.
> I want save or create a object to a specific folder or other folderish
> object,          I ask the user for the id of that folder or folderish
> object                 I store the id name in a variable 'name'
> the problem is I know the type of the folder or folderish object but
> 'name' is a str object and I can't use command like name.manage_addFile().
> The server just tells me that name is a str which contains no function
> manage_addFile().
> I always end up doing a
> <dtml-in "objectValues(['Folder'])">
>     <dtml-if "getId() == name">
>         do something....
>     </dtml-if>
> </dtml-in>

Please take the advice and learn Python. Such logic should be implemented
in Python and *not* in DTML. DTML/ZPT are for presentation *only*, not for
implementing business logic.


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