I don't have a problem with manage_addProduct(). I know how it works. Creating 
objects in a folder is not a problem to me.
My problem is the folderish object which I'm trying to find with a string input.

If you've read my previous message,  
the server output error with name.manage_addFile('point', 'a point') because 
name is a str object and does not have manage_addFile.
I understand this.
But name is an id to an exsisting folder that I want to access and do operation 

how would I modify name.manage_addFile('point', 'a point') into a working 

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--On 7. Januar 2007 00:02:21 -0800 Allen Huang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> 'name' is a string obj
> I have a exsisting folder
> name == folder.getId()
> say I want to use manage_addFile('point', 'a point') into this folder
> with the getId() == name
> but I can't do name.manage_addFile('point', 'a point') because 'name' is
> a str object
> so how do I create a file inside a folder whose id is 'name'?

here is a german FAQ:


Google for manage_addProduct() or search on zope.org


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