Will... I just found out that I'm suppose to migrate to ZPT. But, I start with 
DTML to begin with and I've be doing it for the past two years, so it's kind 
hard for me to move on to xml and ZPT right off the bat. 
But the tag:attribute structure still confuses me. 

Anyways, thanks for all your help Andreas, couldn't done it without you forcing 
me to think about my problem.

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--On 7. Januar 2007 08:07:28 -0800 Allen Huang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I found the solution...   use _.getitem(name)
> this took some book flipping through some basic methods of zope modules
> in 'The Book of ZOPE' by Beehive. A pretty good book for beginners

Why (the hell) are you (still) using DTML (as newbie). You are strongly
encouraged to use ZPT.


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