Thanks Maciej,

Yes, I am using CacheFu (a comprehensive caching product for Plone). I
have Squid installed and ready to go (had it in the loop for a little
while, but we were having all kinds of server instabilities at some
point and I turned that one off to simplify things; we are more stable
now so will turn it back on soon).

Now I will again admit to some overall experience, with even HTTP, so
correct me if I'm wrong: Without squid, I can either cache objects in
a Zope memory cache or in browser caches using headers (that's part of
what CacheFu helps to configure). However, neither of those prevents
Zope from entirely stopping to get requests for cached content. For
memory cached content, it will just be served faster and without
requiring to access the ZODB, but it will look the same in the access
log, and for browser cached content, everything will still have to be
loaded every time a browser is opened anew or when a force reload is

Once Squid is up, then I do expect to see a lot fewer requests to Zope.

Am I missing something major here?



P.S. Just so you guys don't think that I am a complete newby, I did
realize for example that I needed to add some templates by hand to a
CacheFu rule, to what was being cached by default, to account for the
"Composite Page" Plone product I am using (the templates for the
"slots" were not being cached and caused significant performance

On 2/25/07, Maciej Wisniowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've not seen whole thread so sorry if I missed something.

> there were requests for our
> front page and apparently everything that accompanies it in Plone,
> i.e. the Plone scripts.jss, the style sheets, bunch of icon gifs,
> image thumbs the logo.jpg, etc.
Maybe this is your specific configuration for tests, or something that
you are aware of (if so then sorry for telling you something obvious)
but in general things like css, js, images should be cached and not
served (always) directly by Zope/Plone instance. Properly
set up caching is a incredible performance boost. If you have no
caching then serving all this stuff from zope may also cause bigger RAM
usage as all these objects are read into memory by Zope when they're

Maciej Wisniowski

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