I have a ZCatalog and in the ZMI 'Catalog' tab it reports:

The catalog "Catalog" contains 1,820 record(s) in the path "/".

There is a fieldIndex called 'id' and it has 1842 entries (ZMI -> Catalog -> Indexes tab)

The following python script:

sRes = context.Contacts.Catalog()
print 'len(sRes)= ', len(sRes)
for aRec in sRes:
print 'cnt= ', cnt
return printed


len(sRes)=  1820
cnt=  1842

There are 1842 data records, so there should be 1842 entries in the ZCatalog.

It looks like the __len__ method in Catalog.py is not returning the correct value - it returns self._length() which is set by the following method (also in Catalog.py):

   def migrate__len__(self):
       """ migration of old __len__ magic for Zope 2.8 """
       if not hasattr(self, '_length'):
           n = self.__dict__['__len__']()
           del self.__dict__['__len__']
           self._length = BTrees.Length.Length(n)

I really don't understand this level of Zope magic, so it is possible that I am not looking in the right place, so any and all ideas/comments/suggestions are appreciated!


Zope 2.9.4
Python 2.4.3
Red Hat Linux 3.2.3-56
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