> > I'm now considering exporting the Plone site (cos that's what it is) one
> > piece at a time and reimporting it into a clean Plone site. Any thoughts
> > whether or not this is a good idea?
> Not mentioning Plone in the first place is problematic. In fact *plone*
> is problematic. Did you verify with plohn people (e.g. on a Plone
> mailing list) that current plone versions can be imported/exported?
> (Because the last time I made the mistake to do a project with
> plone you couldn't import/export a plone site -- or rename it, move it
> to another instance or anything similar for that matter -- without major
> pain. It's been a while though, so things could have changed.)
> Summary: Go and ask the plone people, if you can't import anyway, the
> whole exercise is in vain.

I've happily moved, renamed, exported and imported Plone sites, both within
a single zope instance and between separate instances on many occasions so I
don't think Plone is the problem. The only difference in this case is the
size of the Plone site and the amount of RAM it seems to want to use.

I'm not much of an expert on diagnosing and managing memory problems so I'm
not sure how to check things like where the import failed other than by
looking at Windows task manager (it's Windows 2003 server). If there are any
OS limitations on memory usage, it's only what would normally be set up on a
standard Windows installation.

Someone in this thread asked why I'm doing this export in the first place: I
want to import it back into zope but into a separate storage file so that I
can back it up separately from the main storage. Someone suggested that I
might be able to do it by copying the entire Data.fs file to the new strage
location, restarting zope and then deleting the bits that I don't want
instead of exporting then importing.

I tried this but it didn't work unfortunately. The new mount point just
appeared in the zmi root with a broken icon and gave me an 'unsubscriptable
object type error when I tried to access it.

Any further tips would be gratefully welcomed.



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