Jon Emmons wrote at 2007-5-31 11:06 -0400:
> ...
>I still don't know why python errors will just quietly cause things to fail
>with no zope error at all.  Nothing...  That may be something I just have to
>live with.  Very difficult to debug and develop with though.

This is a *very* unusual behaviour of Zope. I have never seen it (or
heard about it before your post).

I know of only a single problem where Zope does not reliably report
problems: when a product cannot be imported during startup,
then the only hint may be in Zope's logfile -- especially, the
product may not seem to be broken in "Control_Panel --> Product management.

But that is definitely not your problem.

>Syntax errors I can find by simply importing the external method into the
>python interpreter.  But dealing with the form variables, I will often have
>runtime errors that give no message at all.

I fear somehow you have screwed up your Zope.
It behaves differently from how we know it.

To be sure: you look into the "error_log" object in the ZMI,
have removed any "exceptions to be ignored" and nevertheless
do not see any error log messages there?

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