Thanks all for your help.

I guess I was worried about nothing.  Previous versions of zope did not
generate those messages.

I thought it was why I was getting no zope error at all with runtime errors.

I still don't know why python errors will just quietly cause things to fail
with no zope error at all.  Nothing...  That may be something I just have to
live with.  Very difficult to debug and develop with though.

Syntax errors I can find by simply importing the external method into the
python interpreter.  But dealing with the form variables, I will often have
runtime errors that give no message at all.

So I find myself putting little "I am here" print messaged throughout my
code to try to zone in on where I mistyped the variable equipment_num as


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> Oops, my bad.
> Python is 2.4.4. (not 3.4)  perhaps my python needs to be moved back a
> bit.
> I don't get any error in the error log from the zope admin, just this
> cryptic msg from the window that zope is running in.
> 2007-05-31 09:48:49 ERROR ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing
> channel <ZServer.HTTPServer.zhttp_channel connected
> at -0x49709f74 channel#: 202 requests:> (socket.error:(104, 'Connection
> reset by peer') [/usr/local/lib/python2.4/|initiate_send|219]
> [/home/zope/zope/lib/python/ZServer/medusa/|send|417]
> [/usr/local/lib/python2.4/|send|332])

This indicates that the client closed the connection before completing
the request. Not a Zope issue - it's in fact no issue.


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