Apologies, forgot to paste in the full traceback, here it is.
FWIW I also have zope 2.9.7 installed from source and working just fine on this same machine (using python 2.4.4 packaged with Etch).

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/zopectl.py", line 322, in ?
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/zopectl.py", line 280, in main
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/zopectl.py", line 91, in realize
    ZDOptions.realize(self, *args, **kw)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/zdaemon/zdoptions.py", line 273, in realize
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/zdaemon/zdoptions.py", line 321, in load_schema
    self.schema = ZConfig.loadSchema(self.schemafile)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/loader.py", line 31, in loadSchema
    return SchemaLoader().loadURL(url)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/loader.py", line 65, in loadURL
    return self.loadResource(r)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/loader.py", line 159, in loadResource
    schema = ZConfig.schema.parseResource(resource, self)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/schema.py", line 27, in parseResource
    xml.sax.parse(resource.file, parser)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/__init__.py", line 33, in parse
  File "xml/sax/expatreader.py", line 107, in parse
  File "xml/sax/xmlreader.py", line 123, in parse
  File "xml/sax/expatreader.py", line 207, in feed
  File "xml/sax/expatreader.py", line 300, in start_element
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/schema.py", line 99, in startElement
    getattr(self, "start_" + name)(attrs)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/schema.py", line 475, in start_schema
    keytype, valuetype, datatype = self.get_sect_typeinfo(attrs)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/schema.py", line 201, in get_sect_typeinfo
    datatype = self.get_datatype(attrs, "datatype", "null", base)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/schema.py", line 194, in get_datatype
    return self._registry.get(dtname)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/datatypes.py", line 398, in get
    t = self.search(name)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZConfig/datatypes.py", line 423, in search
    package = __import__(n, g, g, component)
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/datatypes.py", line 20, in ?
    from ZODB.config import ZODBDatabase
  File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/ZODB/__init__.py", line 21, in ?
    from persistent import TimeStamp
File "/var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/persistent/__init__.py", line 19, in ?
    from cPersistence import Persistent, GHOST, UPTODATE, CHANGED, STICKY
ImportError: /var/lib/zope2.8.8/lib/python/persistent/cPersistence.so: undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_AsEncodedString

John Schinnerer wrote:

I have just attempted my first zope install using a python built from source and am getting an error traceback ending with:

undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_AsEncodedString

...when I try to start zope (full traceback at end of msg).

The story:
I need to get a zope 2.8.8 up and running on debian Etch (4.0) and python 2.3.x is not available as debian package on Etch. So...

I got the python 2.3.6 tarball from python.org, followed the build instructions and amazingly enough got it built and installed.
I already have python 2.4 so I made sure to put 2.3 in its' own path.

Then I got zope 2.8.8 tarball and built that, using the '--with-python=' option to specify my python 2.3 installation (/usr/local/bin/python2.3 FWIW).

The zope build seemed to complete fine also.
However when trying to start zope 2.8.8 I get the undefined symbol error.
The most relevant info I could google up is here:

I get that there may be some issue with the two build processes and something called UCS4 vs. UCS2 mixed up somehow.
The rest, like how that happened and/or how to fix it, is way over my head.

Can anyone clarify the UCS2/UCS4 issue and how to resolve it?

John S.

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