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Thanks...I have no idea how to do that unfortunately.
This is the first time I've built python from source. I just followed the
build instructions in the tarball and "it worked." At least, I have a
working python 2.3 in the location I specified for "--with-python" when
building zope.
 From various list messages about this same error message I get that
there is some mismatch involving UCS2 vs. UCS4 compiled pieces - if I
grok correctly...?


If you install Python using

 configure --prefix=/opt/python-2.4; make;make install

and configure Zope using

configure --with-python=/opt/python-2.4/bin/python2.4; make; make install

you should never get into such trouble. Somehow your environment or setup
must be broken. Possibly you're installing Zope over an existing Zope installation with possibly old zopectl/runzope files inside the 'bin' folder which won't be replaced by "make install". So check the "python" configuration within your bin/zopectl|runzope files.

Thanks again - the above is what I thought I did (matching the --prefix and the --with-python) - however somewhere I blew it somehow as the control files point to the wrong python.
I'll try again and hopefully get it right. Thanks for the extra assist.

Well, I'm not crazy. I just rebuilt it all and triple checked that I gave the matching --with-python when configuring the zope build. I did. And, it did not get used...the zopectl and runzope files were created with the default path (to the wrong python) anyhow!

So I fixed that manually, and now (after fixing some perms issues) it starts up OK.

thanks again,
John S.

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