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Jonathan wrote:
"Of course, it'd be lovely if you could actually specify an upper memory
bound for a particular request to use, and/or Zope as a whole"

If your server is still alive and Zope is throwing memory errors, then Zope has hit its specified upper memory limit.

No, Zope does little if anything to control the amount of memory it uses. If it did, we wouldn't see MemoryErrors ;-)

By "Zope" i meant the process running zope (i agree that Zope does not track process memory utilization!).

What do you want Zope to do at this point?

Start dumping objects out of the ZODB object cache when it reaches a certain memory limit, preferably configurable in zope.conf.

There is already a way to control (within limits) the number of objects in the ZODB cache, so you must be referring to something else? (ie. a way to control memory eating 'dodgy' scripts?).

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