Hello Zopistas.. a happy Valentine's day to all!

Continuing with my spring cleaning theme over at http://zwiki.org/GeneralDiscussion , here are some musings.

Like many of you, I'm always wondering where is the most useful place to spend my community hacking time. Sometimes Zwiki seems like the very best place; other times it doesn't. Development pretty much came to a full stop at times last year. So I'm kicking around some ideas.

I'm pondering what slows down my Zwiki hacking.
First, let me get one thing off my chest: for me, Python is a `blub <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blub>`_! There, I said it. Moving on.. then, there are the usual questions of project and platform maturity, legacy cruft, how many people actually use this thing, what is the benefit, what's the future potential, etc. Don't get me wrong, I expect Python and Zope 2 to keep growing and succeeding for a very long time. And so I guess Zwiki will continue to be used and perhaps grow in user base. At the current rate of development, though, we will not stay competitive with other software or even catch up with our own bug reports. Looking at current code, I am reminded that Zwiki 0.x is mature, built on early zope 2 architecture, and that cleanup continues to be expensive (compared to starting something fresh).

Of course, many hands make light work. Imagine ten developers working on Zwiki at once - cleanup expense would no longer be noticeable, we could pretty much do whatever we want. That's not our current reality. Is it possible to find ten Zwiki developers now or in future ? I'm sure I could increase our numbers (from two active) by sustained effort, but how far and how smart a strategy that is I don't know.

Another idea which inspired this post is to branch, mothballing 0.x as-is and moving development focus to a Zwiki 2.x where we would do aggressive disruptive cleanup. Say we did that. What would you throw out of Zwiki 0.x ? What would you keep ?

This is to air these thoughts, solicit your ideas, and also a kind of ping to gauge support for the project circa 2008, I guess.

Warm regards - Simon

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