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| Does localfs work with virtual file systems?

If it can be "mounted" and looks like a file system and smells like a
file system, then localfs or in fact anything else, should know any

| Is there a zope mapping product that maps zope to a distributed file system? 

You don't really explain in what way you want it distributed. Zope is an
application server, so what you're asking for doesn't make any sense.

You can certainly "distribute" your ZODB across as many file systems as you
want right now. You can certainly just plonk your Data.fs ZODB on any
filesystem you want distributed or otherwise.

If you want a "smarter" ZODB or a different STORAGE layer that's a different 
kettle of fish, but, also NOT what you previously asked for.

| What is the best way to run map/reduce on xml files that are stored in the 

The same way you run map/reduce on xml files that are stored anywhere,
although one could contend that having XML files in a ZODB might be at
least one too many levels of abstraction.

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