I hope you have another  release of ZSM. I really appreciate new
developer tools for zope like your ZSM and Zamasing. I am pretty
confident that the zope 3 crowd will eventually put back TTW,  simple
ZMI etc. (but hopefully not too much acquisition....the great idea
that almost ruins zope 2).

Google is very close to making the business layer scalable, they have
been studying salesforce.com for some time now. When they conquer that
technical hurdle, huge ASP's will probably dominate computing
(especially in China). Easily distributed and maintained web services
like zope 2 may be one of the few remaining ways to compete with
monster ASP's. The zope 3 crowd will come back around with an even
better zope.

   I think you will find the "product" learning curve isn't that steep
at all. The famous z-shaped curve has more to do with the lack of
up-to-date documentation than anything else. Products are the way to
go. It is very much like wriitng 'Scripts Python'. I am going to put a
simple 'boring' product on the zope.org site (if they let me) which
will show how to use zope and extjs for anyone who is interested.
Looking forward to your "proof of concept"


On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 1:01 AM, Philip Kilner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
>  Tim Nash wrote:
> >  It is great to see more posts about how well zope works for "Web
> > 2.0" projects. I have used extjs with zope and really like the
> > combination. I'd like to learn more about your jquery /plone setup and
> > how you make it work. Would it be a time consuming for you to create a
> > generic product that demonstrates your setup? It would be helpful to
> > have a common set of artifacts to discuss.
> >
> >
>  Am happy to share - it's all very simple stuff, the elements just work very
> elegantly together. I'm stringing other people's pearls here - the tools are
> great, putting them together is trivial.
>  However, having got the elements together, I'm now moving from a TTW
> approach (yes, I know - I'm a dinosaur!) to a Product approach, which is
> going to be a pretty steep learning curve for me. I need to document my
> starting point (which is effectively a common folder of scripts and
> templates, which the working pages access by acquisition), so I'll post a
> link to the list asking for feedback when I'm at that point.
>  N.B. This is going to take me at least a couple of weeks - I've got some
> paying work to finish off before I can move on to that.
>  I've got a "proof of concept" set of templates without Formulator or any
> RDBMS interaction that I did somewhere. It's only about three templates and
> a scrip. I'll post them when I find them, so that you can see how Taconite
> works with ZPTs, which is the most joyful part of it for me.
>  --
>  Regards,
>  PhilK
>  'work as if you lived in the early days of a better nation'
>  - alasdair gray
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