I created a zexp that demonstrates the use of extjs and zope but I
don't know where to put it for anyone that might be interested. Can
the site accept .zexp uploads?

 This zexp doesn't require the installation of extjs to see how it
works because it uses the extjs cached on the extjs site (for
demonstration purposes only)

This demonstrates:
1. separation of GUI from zope. (you could serve your zope data from
one continent and your GUI from another.)
2. use of extjs data storage (client cache of data reduces calls to zope)
3. loading of extjs  data storage widget via ajax and JSON
4.  ajax submit of form data
5. client side form field validation
and my favorite:
6.  webserver cache of GUI reduces load on zope making zope more scalable


On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 6:35 PM, Simon Michael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Tim Nash wrote:
> > up-to-date documentation than anything else. Products are the way to
> > go. It is very much like wriitng 'Scripts Python'. I am going to put a
> > simple 'boring' product on the site (if they let me) which
> >
>  Hi Tim.. put it also on if you wish. That is an
> easy place to grow and rework documentation.
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