kindergarten-RDBMS :-D

And what about Interbase Firebird? Is it stone-stable and is possible to do 
simple backup/restore process to make ready&go backup? I will use ZODB and 
filesysstem as main storage, but some SQL is needed too.

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> But now I want to make some kind of portable, near OS independent
> (win/lin) compact zope solution. So I look for RDB with like "blackbox"
> functionality, with nothing special to make backups of running system
> (like make backup of Data.fs) and nothing to install when move - make
> backup copy of live system and then run it on another machine.
> Installations are allowed only in case of change OS platform.

If you don't want any moving parts: don't use a RDBMS but soley use the
ZODB (where the Data.fs is basically the only moving part). If you are
looking for a kindergarten-RDBMS: look at SQLite. All other enterprise-level
databases are of course more complex and require more maintenance..make
your choice..


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