Review: Needs Fixing

In archive_module.cpp:

1. Please don't leave commented-out code. Just delete it; it's in the version 
history if we ever need to refer back to it. For example, remove these lines:

+    //Item lNameItem = theFactory->createString(lName);
+    //lMemberName = theFactory->createString("name");

2. As discussed, if possible, create single zorba::Items for all the JSON 
object key strings, eg. "name", "size", etc. Possibly create those in the 
ArchiveModule constructor. Use those constants when creating JSON objects in 
EntriesIterator::next(), as well as comparing input values in 
ArchiveEntry::setValues() (and anywhere else it happens to be appropriate).

Also don't forget to assign a bug to yourself to create a JSON schema for this 
module, and to go back and update the module and test cases accordingly.
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