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> Ken Winter wrote:
> > Chris -
> >
> > Thanks for your help.  At the time you sent it, I thought I didn't need
> it
> > (because I had learned how to use PUT_FACTORY to get Zope to accept .htm
> > extensions as ZPTs) - but now I do.
> >
> > And it works fine, except for the one more thing it turns out I really
> need:
> > to have DW recognize files with NO extension as HTML pages.  The reason
> I
> > need this is that Python insists on treating "mypage.html" as the "html"
> > attribute of a "mypage" object (which of course it can't find) rather
> than
> > as a reference to an object named "mypage.html".
> Instead of obj.mypage.html, use obj['mypage.html']
I'm afraid this doesn't work.  Here's the Python script, with the suggested
syntax in the last line:

d = [{'person_id':p.person_id,\
     for p in context.read_all_people()]
return context['studentlist.htm'](data=d)

This gets the error message:

Site Error
An error was encountered while publishing this resource.
Error Type: KeyError
Error Value: 'studentlist.htm'

The same thing happens if I rename the ZPT as 'studentlist_htm" and use this
syntax.  The only version that works is this:

return context.studentlist_htm(data=d)

...which of course gets back to the original problem: DW doesn't handle
extension-less files.  

Any suggestions?

- Thanks, Ken

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