Am Montag, den 23.05.2005, 16:40 -0400 schrieb Ken Winter:
> Chris -
> Thanks for your help.  At the time you sent it, I thought I didn't need it
> (because I had learned how to use PUT_FACTORY to get Zope to accept .htm
> extensions as ZPTs) - but now I do.  
> And it works fine, except for the one more thing it turns out I really need:
> to have DW recognize files with NO extension as HTML pages.  The reason I
> need this is that Python insists on treating "mypage.html" as the "html"
> attribute of a "mypage" object (which of course it can't find) rather than
> as a reference to an object named "mypage.html".  
> I have tried every syntax I can think of to designate an empty string in
> those configuration files ('', "", and just an empty entry in the list).
> But in all cases, when I rename a file (in DW) from "mypage.html" to
> "mypage_html" and then try to open it, DW says "Can't find a valid editor
> for this file extension."

Well, the real solution is just to drop this buggy software ;)
Since WEBDAV provides the mime-type there is no real reason
to insist on file extenstions (And I wonder how they do it
on mac) Try to ask Macromedia once again when they are going
to fix it ;) (And also when they will complete their CSS support ;)

The only thing which would work is to simulate the extension
on download (you need a custom folder - alike product for this)
Or you accept the extensions and map the objects later via


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