Am 14.08.2006 um 21:02 schrieb Don Morrison:

Am 14.08.2006 um 20:36 schrieb Don Morrison:

> I refactored some...
>    <select name="task" tabindex="2" onchange="ifnew_showdiv
> ('new_task')">
>      <option tal:repeat="record task_list"
>              tal:attributes="label record/name; value record/id"
> tal:content="record/name">
>      Example Option
>      </option>
>      <option label="New" value="New">New</option>
>    </select>

No need for the <div> to loop and no need to wrap you variable names
in cryptic abbreviations.

I tried removing the div and putting the repeat in the option tag and
it didn't work.

Well, you will hit problems with your define because that will run before your repeat. Remove it and be happy.


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