all IDs seems to be a multiple of 16777216 (first one is 16777216, second 33554432 and so on). An "rpm -i" already inserted those IDs.

16777216 is a defined value within berkeleydb/common/db_shash.c

So it's not related to libsolv/zypper.

Sorry for that! I'll try to figure out, what causes that issue (berkelydb or rpm itself?).

Thank you, for your time!

Kind Regards

On 03/05/13 14:54, Tony Wolf wrote:
Hi Michael,

I'm currently checking the rpm db. As far as I know, libsolv supports
32Bit IDs only. That should be okay, because we won't need that much IDs

But for any reason, our IDs within our rpmdb are much higher... (there
is no small number anywhere, really strange :-))

So it does not seem to be a libsolv problem at all, sorry for that!

The rpm version is with berkeley db 4.8.30.

Now I'll recreate the rpm db and will track which tool causes this

Thank you,

On 03/05/13 14:42, Michael Schroeder wrote:

Hi Tony,

On Thu, May 02, 2013 at 04:21:45PM +0200, Tony Wolf wrote:
So, rpm sees all installed packages; but the @System/solv files seems to
be broken.

We use the following versions:
   * zypper 1.8.9 (+ bugfix of swig BoolSave)
   * libzypp 13.1.0
   * libsolv latest snapshot from git/origin
   * boost 1.53.0

Do you have a hint, where I may take a look at, to solve the problem?

What version of rpm do you use?


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