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Thomas Adam <tho...@xteddy.org> wrote:
> > However, I now notice that FvwmPager has a zero length title in the
> > window list.  Does anyone know of a way to give it a name, or do I
> > have to patch the FvwmPager source?
> Eh?  Are you sure you haven't set the style WindowListSkip on it or
> something?  By default, the name of the FvwmPager is the name of the
> current desk you're on, as referenced through either the deprecated
> option "*FvwmPager: Label", or more preferrably:  DesktopName.

Ah, I had set Label invalid when trying to lose it; took that out
and added a DesktopName, thanks.
> > Tangential question: am I missing something or is WindowId bordeline
> > useless?  
> Oh, it has a lot of uses in passing around specific window IDs to
> functions to refer to specific windows -- and is used a lot
> internally by FVWM as well.

I could see it being useful internally; but as for "specific windows" in
the config how can you know in advance what windowID to use?

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