Russel Winder <> writes:

> Geeqie currently has an Autotools build. A lot of the GTK world seems
> to be switching to Meson, or at least trying it out. JetBrains CLion
> only accepts CMake builds for projects (at least currently). Is the
> Geeqie team committed to using Autotools, or if an alternate build were
> available might it be accepted?

(speaking for myself of course)

I have found autotools to be quite stable and sane over the years, if a
bit hard to set up for the project.  The newer tools seem to claim to be
better and then people struggle to get all the functionality of
autotools (such as cross building).  So I am very skeptical of changing
to a flavor-of-the-month build tool.

I have never heard of Meson before.  Certainly I may not be paying
enough attention, but it's hard to believe it is mainstream yet.

While CMake is now reasonably common, the idea that some kind of
packaging system will only build packages that use Cmake is very odd.
Certainly large amounts of software does not use CMake, and it is not
reasonable to call something broken because it doesn't.

Before adopting a new build system, I'd like to see written requirements
for the build system, specifically including portability and cross
building, and to see an analysis of how there will be no regressions.

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