On Wed, 2016-11-16 at 12:39 -0800, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> I've never heard of mezon; if looking for a buildtool in python, why
> not
> scons?  I've used scons and I liked it the best of any build tools.

I have actually been known to work on SCons from time to time over the
last decade, and whilst it is still very good for straightforward C,
C++, Fortran, D and LaTeX builds, it is beginning to lag behind in
addressing some aspects of build, particularly configuration.

CMake and SCons(, and Waf) clearly led to Meson which is a Ninja
configuration system in the way CMake is a Make configuration system. 

> But in the context of geeqie, I'd say don't fix it as long as it's
> not
> broken.  If it breaks, we can return to this discussion.

An approach I find disappointing in a FOSS project, but it seems the
view of all those who ventured a view. Which is fine, it is the project
that belongs to those who work on it. I just think that this "don't fix
the unbroken" is a route to technical debt.

Anyway given the gently hostile reaction to my email, I shall now just
go away.

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