On 2016-11-16 14:58, Roger wrote:

> I have used AutoTools for my or others' projects as well in the past,
> and find AutoTools quite stable, albeit sometimes cryptic to configure
> at times.

It's time for me to chime in even though I fear this is heading straight
for the bike shed ;-)

I have found autotools useful for handling situations that go beyond the
normal self hosted build, especially when cross compiling for embedded
systems.  But, I must say they're the opposite of "stable" as far as I'm
concerned.  Upgrade one piece and the whole thing breaks down horribly.
And constant churn means one must upgrade.  Gettext and the related
tools seem to be the worst.

I've never heard of mezon; if looking for a buildtool in python, why not
scons?  I've used scons and I liked it the best of any build tools.

But in the context of geeqie, I'd say don't fix it as long as it's not
broken.  If it breaks, we can return to this discussion.

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