>Russel> I get the message. I'll go away.
>Christ, stop the passive aggresive stuff will you?  And get a thicker
>skin when people trash you suggestion.  If you feel so strongly about
>it, and if moving to CMake or some other tool will help you contribute
>in a major way to geeqie, then go ahead.
>Start a branch, start your work and put it out over the wall for
>others to see!  Please please please do not let some people not being
>excited for your idea mean they don't want YOU contributing.  They're
>down on the idea, not on you and your desire to contribute!

I do not think anybody was even beginnning to trash his idea.  He just assumed 
we were.  (And you're probably correct, passive aggressive.  Albeit, maybe a 
wee bit obvious? ;-)

I could see where somebody might suggest integrating CMake to make a Windows 
port; but even then, we still have MinGW for AutoTools support within Windows.


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