i post this shit to the list cos i think it's relevant and cos people 
keep asking me if i've heard anything "more concrete."  this has nothing 
to do with my opinion either way.  this can be found at: 
http://www.thestranger.com/NEWS/city2.html, which i guess is seattle's 
online newsmagazine.  if you don't wanna read this then don't, and don't 
email me bitching about it.  sorry it's so long, though.
xoxo nicole

        Immodest Mouse
        by Samantha M. Shapiro 

        Check out the discussion thread dedicated to local
        band Modest Mouse at punkrock.net, and you'll
        read over 30 pages of hot-tempered commentary
        that begins, "Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse raped
        a girl in Seattle last week... DON'T LET HIM
        RAPE AGAIN." Then there was the cryptic
        reference on MTV a few weeks ago to the Murder
        City Devils cancelling their tour with the band. 

        What gives? 

        It turns out Modest Mouse -- more specifically,
        Brock -- is at the center of an underground
        controversy surrounding a 19-year-old woman who
        claims he date-raped her in February. Brock couldn't
        be reached for comment, but his manager denies the

        According to police reports and an interview with
        the alleged victim, Brock met the woman at the Cha
        Cha Lounge on February 16. At the end of the
        night, after a few too many, Brock offered to walk
        her home. The woman says that upon reaching her
        apartment, she realized she didn't have her keys.
        Brock suggested that she stay at his house in

        After calling several friends, trying to line up an
        alternative, she took his suggestion. At his house, the
        two kissed, but when he started to undress her, she
        told him she didn't want to have sex. "I said 'this is
        not okay. I don't want to do this,'" the woman
        recalls. She says Brock forcibly entered her at that

        She says she pushed him off several times and told
        him "I don't want to do this." When she realized that
        he wasn't going to stop, she says, "I sort of left my
        body and went somewhere else." 

        Strangely enough, the woman says that after
        intercourse, Brock "freaked out" and asked her how
        well she knew members of the Murder City Devils.
        She said she knew them well, and he responded,
        "It's a good thing I stopped before things went
        overboard, right? You don't think I'm a dick, do

        With no place to go -- the woman says she "felt
        trapped" -- she spent the night at Brock's house. He
        gave her money for a cab home in the morning. 

        At first the woman didn't report the incident, but
        talked about it with friends, most of whom work in
        the music industry. It wasn't long before word got
        around. "Within two days people knew in L.A. and
        New York," she says. "It was on the Internet." The
        Murder City Devils canceled their show with
        Modest Mouse at Boise State University and all
        subsequent tour dates. 

        Chad Quierolo, the Devil's booking agent, said that
        "the Murder City Devils know the girl very well, and
        they've known Isaac for a long time. They think
        she's credible. They believe her and they don't ever
        want to play with Modest Mouse again." Quierolo
        said other bands he represents also don't want to
        play with Modest Mouse until "things get sorted

        Damage to the band's reputation hasn't stopped
        there. According to Jef Hoskins, who runs in the
        same circles as Modest Mouse and the woman,
        "When it first happened people were wanting to
        physically fight about it and they're still arguing.
        There's a lot of tension between even my closest
        friends and me. If they've heard his side, they think
        she wanted to be with him but changed her mind
        after the fact. I've heard third-hand stories that they
        got up the next day and spent all day together. I
        wish the people it affects would communicate with
        each other. The wrong people are discussing it the
        wrong way." 

        The 19-year-old woman, who initially "just wanted
        the story to go away," has been emboldened by
        similar tales from friends (though not involving the
        Modest Mouse singer). "My friend was saying that a
        guy in [another band] raped a woman a few years
        ago in Oregon and it was gossip for weeks, but she
        didn't report it and now they're playing Gap
        commercials. It's like it didn't happen for them, they
        never had to deal with it, but she had to go through
        all the shit and live with it." 

        So she decided to speak out. "He's a rock star and
        he's got a big head and he probably thought 'this girl
        is so stoked just to be at my house.' And when I
        wasn't into it he thought 'fuck you, I'll do whatever I
        want because I can.' But he didn't know who he
        was messing with." 
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