Tony Tebby wrote:
> 5) The only real barrier is ignorance. The story of Android is
illustrative. If, in
> 2005, Google had known that they could have developed an entirely new
> operating system and had it up and running sooner than trying to kludge
> something out of Linux, would they have bought Android Inc. for $50M? Of
> course not, but they did not know.
First, glad to read from you again!

Having to deal with all kind of Windows and Linux systems in my professional
life, I must say that the pain is not big enough for most people and the
industry to rethink and restart. That's how human function, look at cars or
electricity for example. Even with global warming and GAU's like Chernobyl
and Fukushima rethinking and revolution are slow and with hurdles.

Anyhow, I still spend approx. an hour a day to keep your legacy alive. The
QL/E distribution - made with my limited skills and capabilities - is an
offspring which is a handy thing to run, experience and show
what-could-have-been. At least those 500+ completed downloads since April
2015 prove some interest is still there.


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