2006/6/27, Dion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hi Tobias,

The install did move very smoothly, however I cannot boot the machine.
A kernel panic occurs like this:

"kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on

 From other posts in the forums this seems to mean that the system does
not have the kernel
modules to support my scsi card and boot from the scsi disc.

I attempted to follow some advice you gave in the forum to build an
initrd image for my system
 after using the 2.91 disc as a rescue disc, without much success.
Initially I could mount and
then chroot into my scsi disc root partition, however I could not
produce an initrd disc image.

mkinitrd does not seem to be available. It seems we use yaird for this
now, however if I chroot
into my root partition and try to make the initrd image, yaird complains
that it can't open files
in the proc directory.

"yaird error: cant open /proc/bus/input/devices (fatal)"

If I just mount the scsi disc partition and try to build the initrd from
the 2.91 cd's file system it
complains that the mount point for my scsi disc is not in the fstab.

"yaird error: mount point not in fstab: . (fatal)"

Any thoughts??

Hi Dion,

When the installation cd does boot you should be able to use Yoper on
your system. It is using exactly the same kernel.

To build an initrd image via yaird from the live cd into an existing
system you have to do the following :

1) mount your root partition :

'mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1' (make sure the only mount option is rw)

2) copy your device node files from the live cd into the new root file system

'cp -a /dev/hd* /dev/sd* /media/sda1/dev'

3) chroot into the new installation

'chroot /media/sda1'

4) mount the kernel file systems

'mount /proc' , 'mount /sys'

5) try to rebuild the image with yaird

yaird -o /boot/initrd.whatever

Make sure the installation of the bootloader does really work properly.

regards and good luck

Tobias Gerschner
Member of Board of Yoper Ltd. NZ

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