Hi Tobias,

Some small progress. Please see the inline comments.

Tobias Gerschner wrote:

Hi Dion,

When the installation cd does boot you should be able to use Yoper on
your system. It is using exactly the same kernel.

To build an initrd image via yaird from the live cd into an existing
system you have to do the following :

1) mount your root partition :

'mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1' (make sure the only mount option is rw)
In my last post, I couldn't get yaird to produce an image. I failed to add a -rw to the above mount.
Doing this enabled me to create an initrd image.

2) copy your device node files from the live cd into the new root file system

'cp -a /dev/hd* /dev/sd* /media/sda1/dev'

3) chroot into the new installation

'chroot /media/sda1'

4) mount the kernel file systems

'mount /proc' , 'mount /sys'

5) try to rebuild the image with yaird

yaird -o /boot/initrd.whatever

I created the new image with a -v switch and was able to see the
symbios 53c875 module included in the image. I had to use the
-f cpio option as the -f cramfs appears to be for older kernels and
would not work.

Make sure the installation of the bootloader does really work properly.
I adjusted the lilo.conf and rerun lilo.

I received some complaints.

"proc/partitions does not match /dev"
"name change '/dev/loop0' -> '/dev/loop0'

They were spelled identically, so I'm guessing something within
that location got a name chage.

regards and good luck

Thanks, I wasn't lucky enough.

The system still boots and then complains as follows.
"kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-lock(8,1)"

Okay, I am wondering if using XFS is somehow a problem. I can try ext3 and see if I get
similar behaviour.

The next option I was considering was mounting the blacksand install cd and copying the kernel source and the kernel config file to my 2.1.0_4 system and building a kernel with symbios 53c875 and relevant scsi disc support into the kernel. If that fixes the problem at
least we would know the scope of the problem I am having.

I wonder if other people with sata and or other scsic ontrollers and the like are likely to experience this problem? This may be something for the installer to handle, perhaps by offering the user the option of selecting kernel drivers to be included in the initrd image?

I appreciate your help.


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