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> Are you able to provide a link to where the documentation states this?

I really have to totally retreat here. Talk about faulty memory| When I wrote 
that note, I was "convinced" that I had just read in the documentation that     
  Is In set    returned an error when the set did not exist.

Then I went back to find it in the current documentation. No luck.

I was SO convinced that I had seen this, that I then looked at multiple old 
versions of the documentation thinking that perhaps it was there but I could 
not find it anywhere. 

So I reluctantly conclude that I am simply wrong and retract all of my comments 
on this matter.

So    Is In set    at least sometimes does return an error when applied to a 
set that does not exist, but that is not to say it is "reliable" in this which 
was, of course, Davids's original question.

> I would strongly discourage the use of an interprocess variable here.

Thanks for your warning here.

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