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> wrote:
> So, I'd be grateful if anyone that is Really Into Sets (we all know you're
> out there!) gave it some thought. If it's reliable, great! If not, I'll
> kill it rather than rely on it.

I really should shut up since I have already penned an inaccurate post on this 

But in the interest of keeping the conversation going, how about using ADD TO 
SET as the command to test whether a set exists?

You can first check to see whether the proposed set has more than zero records. 
If it does, then the set exists.

If Records in set returns zero records then it might be because the set does 
not exist and it might be because the set is valid but has zero records. Now 
apply the ADD TO SET command and see if it throws an error.

ADD TO SET is documented to throw an error if the set does not exist.

If it does exist, then adding zero records to some set should not cause any 

WARNING: I would not actually rely on the code below without, as David has 
said, having people who are "Really Into Sets" make a contribution. It has been 
previously demonstrated that I am not "Really Into Sets"  :)

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    
*    *    *    *    *    *    

  // PROJECT METHOD: rfSetExist  PATH: rfSetExist
  //     $1 = Set name being tested
  // ----------------------------------------------------
  //    $0 Type: Boolean
  // ----------------------------------------------------   
  // DESCRIPTION: Tells you whether a set exists. If True then the set exists



$numInSet:=Records in set($setName) // Documentation: Records in set returns 
the number of records in set. If set does not exist, or if there are no records 
in set, the command returns 0.

If ($numInSet>0)


          // two possibilities
          // 1. set does not exist
          // 2. set exists but has no records
          // logic: The documentation says: // ADD TO SET ( {aTable ;} set ) … 
ADD TO SET adds the current record of aTable to set. The set must already 
exist; if it does not, an error occurs.
          // if the set does not exist, I will get an error.
          // if it does exist then I will NOT get an error but it is safe 
because I will not have changed the state of anything since adding zero records 
to an existing set does nothing.

        fErrorHappened:=False  // this is a process variable that is created at 
        ON ERR CALL("ErrorIgnore")  // ErrorIgnore is a method that sets 
fErrorHappened to true
        $testInSet:=ADD TO SET($setName)  // if the set does not exist, this 
will throw an error. This particular "Set" command is sensitive as to whether 
the set exists
        ON ERR CALL("")
        If (fErrorHappened)
        End if 
End if
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