Hey! Don't get me wrong about sets, they are GREAT. In my opinion, there
one of 4D's great unsung features. SQL is always doing full set math, but
that's *very* different to doing bit math on these big bit arrays (not
exactly what a 4D set is, but for the sake of conversation...) 4D set
operations are/can be super, super fast, network efficient, and
memory-efficient. Imagine you're making a cross-tab/pivot. Get all of the
main searches done, create a set for each row/column and then intersect
away. You get the results easily and in very little time. It's a great
feature...just hard to explain to people that haven't had it.

I'm just not into the nuances of where they're stored, which behaviors are
not documented because no one remembered to vs. no one thought they should,
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