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> the command is called Print form, it can not be more obvious!

Keisuke: Thanks for taking time to reply

In my world, things are often not obvious.

In this case the reason is that the documentation refers to a first parameter 
as being optional {aTable}, but if it is not provided then it uses the Default 
I could not understand what the Default Table of a Project Form would be.

The fact that this command, Print form,  had this parameter scared me off of it.

Your reply got me burrowing a little deeper in the documentation. The 
discussion of the command


has, I believe, clarified for me the whole issue of this first parameter in 
form commands. 

I have certainly used the analogous DIALOG command on project forms blithely 
ignoring the {aTable} first parameter without any problem so I can see why one 
might wonder how any such person could trip up when considering  Print form. 

But I managed :)

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    

Print form ( {aTable ;} form {; area1 {; area2}} ) -> Function result   

Parameter          Type                      Description
aTable             Table         -->         Table owning the form, or Default 
table, if omitted
form               String        -->         Form to print
area1              Longint       -->         Print marker, or Beginning area 
(if area2 is specified)
area2              Longint       -->         Ending area (if area1 specified)
Function result    Longint <--               Height of printed section



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