Please let us know what you find out, Tim. From here it's looking like there 
was never any intention of creating anything but a fig leaf.


>The big question now is, what is still on that list of things the 4D
>Write Plugin can do that 4D Write Pro still cannot do? If there is a
>feature that is super hard to implement, and nobody uses or asked for
>it, why would they want to spend time implementing it? So I'm expecting
>there to be a short list of things 4D Write Pro will not do that 4D
>Write Plugin does. Emphasis SHORT LIST.
>So at this year's 4D Summit I am going to seek out the 4D Write Pro
>engineers and ask them specifically for a list of features 4D Write Pro
>will not provide that 4D Write Plugin does. Will they say "the list is
>empty we are are implementing everything"? Doubtful. Hopefully that list
>will not contain anything that I need. If it does, then I'll have to
>lobby, and lobby hard, for them to add the features I need to 4D Write Pro.

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