4D has studied how the classic 4D View plugin has beeb used in various 
and found that there were essentially two distinct usages; "as a list" and "as 
a spreadsheet".

based on that understanding,
two different paths have been defined to carry on the 4D View legacy:

1. a set of privileged features for the listbox object (variable line height, 
embedded controls, etc) and
2. a modern spreadsheet application with the capability to open existing 4D 
View documents.

the 2 are completely unrelated features,
except for the fact that they both require 4D View licenses to unlock.
you could say that 4D View has been split into 2 products.

to use the new 4D View area which is a spreadsheet,
you would typically import existing 4D View documents, or
create new document via the UI and store them as a object or export in Excel 

it does not replace the list type 4D View Pro features,
rather, the 2 features compliments each other.

> 2018/05/17 18:10、Two Way Communications via 4D_Tech <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> 
> のメール:
> Has anyone played around with 4D View Pro already?
> I tried to put object arrays into the 4D View Pro area, like it was a listbox.
> And although it does work with a listbox (4D v16R6), the 4D View Pro area 
> stays empty.
> Any idea how to even add columns and rows in 4D View Pro?
> I guess one could use javascript, but how do you get javascript to access the 
> object arrays and put the contents into 4D View Pro?

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