DIALOG is quite capable of handling input / output forms, as long as you have 
activated the "make fields enterable in dialog" compatibility setting (since 

there is no need to use F. SET INPUT or F. SET OUTPUT.

a list type subform or selection based listbox have their own input form 
defined in their property list, which is independent of the current input form 
(F. Get input). what is more, you can always FILTER EVENT the On Double Clicked 
event and do something else.

for example, you can have a 5 page dialog (=project form) with a list type 
subform or listbox on page 1.

the double click event could switch to pages 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on the 
context by filtering the event and issuing a F. GOTO PAGE.

the current page is effective your current input form.

> 2019/02/07 6:31、Jim Crate via 4D_Tech <4d_tech@lists.4d.com>のメール:
> I thought about using DIALOG, but that would require specifying the input 
> form name in a variable higher up the call chain, because while we can use 
> FORM SET INPUT to set the input form for a table, there is no accompanying 
> "Form Get Input” command that I can find. I know this could probably be 
> plugged into form storage instead of a process variable in V17, but I’m not 
> on v17 yet and logically that’s not much different than using a process 
> variable, we’re still introducing a separate place to store some data that we 
> should be able to get the same way we specify it.

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