Sure on load use command

Object set enterable(*;”@“;false)// This will set all fields and variables to 
non enterable

You will have to use Object set enabled for Check Boxes, Radio button etc. 
These can not be done as above as it will set all to disabled

You could also do a start transaction on form, only have a cancel button and 
cancel transaction in that. I think option one is better

I would also set background color to illustrate that stuff can not be entered


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> On Feb 6, 2019, at 4:31 PM, Jim Crate via 4D_Tech <> 
> wrote:
> From a listbox view, I’d like to open the input form for a record but not 
> allow the user to change any info. I tried using DISPLAY RECORD instead of 
> MODIFY RECORD, but it just displays the form and immediately closes. If I set 
> the table to read only before loading the record, MODIFY RECORD just shows an 
> alert complaining that the record is locked, and doesn’t show the input form. 
> So I set the form fields to be not enterable, but while text can be selected, 
> it can’t be copied. 
> I thought about using DIALOG, but that would require specifying the input 
> form name in a variable higher up the call chain, because while we can use 
> FORM SET INPUT to set the input form for a table, there is no accompanying 
> "Form Get Input” command that I can find. I know this could probably be 
> plugged into form storage instead of a process variable in V17, but I’m not 
> on v17 yet and logically that’s not much different than using a process 
> variable, we’re still introducing a separate place to store some data that we 
> should be able to get the same way we specify it.
> Is there a convenient way to mimic the ease of DISPLAY SELECTION / MODIFY 
> SELECTION to allow read/only or read/write access when using a listbox? Is 
> DIALOG the only option?
> Also, is there a way to make a field non-enterable but allow text to be 
> copied?

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