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> Have you tried MODIFY SELECTION instead of MODIFY RECORD?
> Set the table in read only mode, make sure only the requested record is in 
> the current selection and then open the record using MODIFY SELECTION. 
> Without the. optional * parameters, this command should open it immediately 
> in the input form for a one record selection.
> If I remember correctly, no lock alert will be shown.

While the general consensus is that DIALOG is the way forward, I’ll try this 
for now since it should work with the code as it is.  In more user-oriented 
parts of the system, I am building more dynamic interfaces with subforms and 
such but for a quick “let me search and display data in this table” admin view 
this is convenient and easy.

> If a field is set to focusable but not enterable, the user can't edit the 
> content, but will be able to select and copy.

This works exactly as I wanted. Thanks!

Jim Crate

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