Hi List,
I have never used Set timer very much so I've got a noobie question. I'm
adding some real-time updating code to financial forms: think Invoices,
Billing Account summaries. that sort of thing. An invoice is the most
obvious - User A has a form open that displays the invoice details (total
amount, balance due). I want to update the balance due when a new payment
is applied which could be from anywhere in the system. I have the code for
all that worked out the issue is managing displaying the balance due part.

Set timer is one solution. Every couple of seconds the form can simply
reload the invoice details. The issue is the interruption to the user if
they are doing something else on the form. Like entering data in a field or
variable. Is there a way to trap use actions like that so I can block the
On timer code from running?

Kirk Brooks
San Francisco, CA

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